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Chadra Dennis
Dennis Chadra

Oil, Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Helen C Read

Oil, Watercolor, and Graphite

Wafa Dahdal

Photography and Digital Art

Danielson Painting Goat
Dan Danielson


Sue Dix Rabbit
Sue Dix

Pottery & Other Ceramics

Mary Dorrell Elephant
Mary Dorell

Oil, Watercolor, and Printmaking

Dennis Franzen

Wall Murals, Pumpkin Carvings, Photo Retouching, Sculptor, and illustrator

Marge Hall Flower
Marge Hall

Dramatic Floral Portraits in Oil

Jennifer Hauser

India Ink and Colored Pencil on primed masonite

Julie Keating


Carol Kinkaid House
Carol Kinkaid

Watercolor, Pen & Ink, Home Portraits

Valerie Lorimer Tree
Valerie Lorimer

Fun, Whimsical Mixed Media Artwork

Suzanne Massion Sky
Suzanne Massion

Impressionist Oil landscapes, Pen & Ink, Graphite Portraits

Diana Mitchell Tree
Diana Mitchell

Pastels, Graphite, Watercolor

Mooneen Mourad Ceramic
Mooneen Mourad

Paintings, One of a kind Jewelry, & Ceramics

Robert Pennor House
Robert Pennor

Oil and Acrylic

Julie Skoda Pig
Julie Skoda

Oil, Watercolor, Pastel & Charcoal

Gillian Vodnik

Acrylic, Watercolor & Mixed Media

Wes Douglas


The Dupage Art League