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On the third Monday of every month from September through April (except December), the DuPage Art League offers free programs that are open to the public. Artists and experts connected with the arts do demonstrations, give talks, and share their secrets. These are fun, relaxed, and casual opportunities to mingle with fellow artists and learn something new and include refreshments.

The Wheaton Library (225 N. Cross St. Wheaton, IL [630-668-1374]), hosts our Monday Night Programs. Their large meeting room in the basement has easy access by an elevator next to front door. Our programs run from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

No Monday Night Programs in December, May, June, July, or August (August 2020 is an exception)

*The Monday night programs are FREE to both members and non-members, so why not bring a friend to the next one!

September 2020 - Michael Ireland - Beauty and the Beast: The Challenges and Joy of Large Format Watercolors

Michael Ireland - Large Format Watercolors 

SEPTEMBER 21ST –Michael Ireland

Beauty and the Beast: The Challenges and Joy of Large Format Watercolors

Taking the leap to work in watercolor in a large format scale opens up a whole new world of challenges and at the same time an almost unfettered joy as you experience a wash of color that, before your eyes, can become a tidal wave of color.

In many respects, the large format requires the same discipline and understanding that you would use in painting at a traditional size. Transparency, negative space, and yes, even the wringing of hands and self-doubt, all play a role in the process. But now, everything grows exponentially. 

A small can of water becomes a 5 gallon bucket. The brushes are larger. You squeeze out more paint than you might use in a year and the final presentation can become a wrestling match of logistics.  But the final payoff can be nothing short of amazing.

This demonstration will focus primarily on the painting process itself but we’ll also touch on the preparation, the substrates available and the means to archive your final work as well. An exchange of dialogue and questions will be welcome throughout the presentation.

Michael Ireland:

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October 2020 -William Worcester - Landscapes in Oil

William Worcester - Light on the Landscape
Worcester Light on Landscape

OCTOBER 19TH, 6:30-8:30p – WILLIAM WORCESTER – “Light on the Landscape.” An evening of the magic of landscape oil painting. Artist William Worcester will demonstrate his technique on painting a landscape in oils utilizing palette knives, rags, and brushes. He will also cover color and composition in a landscape painting.

The Wheaton library will be moderating the demo though William will be filming at Dupage Art League. We are in good hands with Bari Ericson as host. William teaches Oil Painting at DPAL and when things get back to normal, you might be inspired to take his class!

William Worcester: and

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November 2020 - David E Dallison - Travel Adventure Plein Air Painting

David Dallison - Plein Air Painting
Dallison Plenin Air Painting

NOVEMBER 16TH – DAVID E. DALLISON – Travel Adventure Plein Air Painting. Have you ever driven down the thruway wondering if you should take one of the small side roads, knowing it probably leads to some interesting town or stunning landscape? Skip the camera…how cool would it be to know you can get out your painting gear and paint those scenes from life. David has traveled through 36 countries doing just that. He is a master in watercolor and has refined his methods for working on location over 35 years of traveling the world. Come join his adventure through paint as he demos a watercolor similar to something he would create on the road, and reveals his system for compact travel painting. [To be held at the Wheaton Public Library]

David Dallison:

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