Adult Classes 1

Gallery Submission Guidelines

The Work Itself

ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL! Copies of published works of any kind are not permitted. Changing the background, color or medium does not make it an original. See more about: COPYRIGHT

  • Photos used as reference material should be original.
  • If a photo reference is not your own photo – unless you can document that the picture is in public domain (totally free for the public to use), or unless you have the express written permission of its owner do not copy it. If using reference material, make sure that your subject has overall good proportions and accurate details, however; the composition must be your own.
  • Photography is considered original art. Digital photography must be an original photograph enhanced or manipulated by the artist on a computer.
  • Entries may be of any subject matter, but those entries to be judged with the show theme must be marked with a “T” on the entry sheet and the gallery card. A Theme Award ($25) is given to the entry which best reflects the show’s theme.
  • No entry may have been shown and judged in any previous DPAL juried show.
  • All entries must be less than 3 years old.
  • All work must be dry!

Number and Size

  • Work may not exceed 100″, one length plus one width, inside frame dimensions. (For example, 40×60 = 100 and would qualify, 45×60 = 105 and would not.) Oversize pieces can sometimes be accommodated on a first-come first hung basis at the discretion of the Exhibit Hanging Committee.
  • Each artist may exhibit only two pieces per month.  THE SECOND PIECE MUST BE PRICED AT $125 OR LESS AND NOT EXCEED 25″ INSIDE FRAME DIMENSIONS (11X14. The exception to this rule is the Yuletide Treasures Gift Show where you may exhibit 3 pieces of wall art along with numerous holiday craft items.
  • Only TWO entries that are not for sale (NFS) may be exhibited yearly.  These NFS entries are counted as your FIRST entry. If you have a second entry in the same show it must be priced at $125 or less and be under 25″ inside dimensions.
  • A diptych or triptych will count as one entry.  A pair of paintings related only in framing size will not qualify as a single entry.


  • Only special canvas with tacks or staples on the back may be hung without a frame. Edges of the canvas must be finished in some way with tape or paint, etc.
  • Wires should be almost taut and the ends wrapped with masking tape. No saw-tooth hangers will be accepted.

Three-Dimensional Work

  • Three-dimensional artwork is defined as free standing and independent of wall installation.
  • Sets of up to three pieces will count as one entry (e.g. teapot with a sugar and creamer).
  • Jewelry may be entered in gallery shows as individual pieces or in cases that conform to size regulations.  A case and contents will count as one entry.
  • No kits, greenware, commercial molds or patterns, plastic flowers or bazaar novelty items are permitted.

Entering Work in a Show

  • Two days are set aside before each monthly show installation, for entering artwork. You may send a representative to register work. Special arrangements to register work on non-registration days may be made by contacting the Exhibits Chairperson.
  • A table is set up for registration in the main gallery and you will need to complete three things for each entry: (1-Sign-in your work on the Gallery Master Registration sheet. 2-Complete a DPAL Gallery I label with your information and attach it to the back of the artwork. 3-Fill out an exhibition card with your code assigned by DPAL when you joined. Slip this between the frame and the painting. If you are not a member, ask the volunteer at the desk to help you.)
  • All Gallery 1 exhibiting members are required to work at DPAL for a minimum of 4 hours per annum.
  • Galley I entry/pick up dates are usually the last Wednesday and Thursday of each month with a few exceptions. 2020 Dates: February(2/5 & 2/6); March 3/4 & 3/5); April (4/1 & 4/2); May (4/29 & 4/30); June (5/27 & 5/28 by invitation only); July (6/24 & 6/25): August (7/29 & 7/30); September (8/26 & 8/27); October (9/23 & 9/24); November – December reserved for Yuletide Treasures.

Donations When Work Sells

  • When works sells in either Gallery I or Gallery II, it is our policy that 100% of the sale amount be paid to the artist in full. The artist is requested to donate 25% of the sale price back to DuPage Art League. The DuPage Art League is a 501(c)(3) organization, and the artist’s donation may be tax deductible.
  • Artists assume full responsibility for reporting to the IRS any income derived from sales through the DPAL and for payment of any federal and state tax and sales tax liability.

Removing Your Artwork

  • Artwork may NOT be removed from the monthly exhibit until pick-up dates unless the piece is sold.
  • Your artwork must be picked up on one of the two days before the next exhibit.  You may send a representative to pick up your artwork. Be sure to sign work out on the Gallery Master Registration Sheet.
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